Plantak: Adventists Need to Become Involved

In his doctoral dissertation published as The Silent Church: Human Rights and Adventist Social Ethics, Zdravko Plantak declares:

The reason Adventists need to become involved in the world is not because they think they can turn this world into God’s eternal kingdom. On the contrary, Adventists believe and preach that his eternal kingdom is still to come. Adventists must become involved because their God cares and wants them to care for each other. Identifying with Jesus means identifying with the poor, oppressed and those whose basic rights and freedoms are denied them. It is not enough to care for a person and have no concern about the laws that affect the life of that person in society. Many issues labelled ‘political’ have a broader human dimension. It would be hypocritical not to be involved in issues that are labelled political when they concern people, when they involve the lives and fates of human beings. (p. 48)

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