Adventist World (Feb 2014)

The February 2014 edition of Adventist World has at least five stories relating to social ethics and action (I may have failed to see these themes in the other articles). Below are excerpts from each article, and the complete magazine can be read online.

A Living Power (Ellen White, pp. 20-21, link)

“We cannot with safety swerve from principle, we cannot violate justice, we cannot neglect mercy.”

Service to Others Really Matters (Sandra Blackmer, pp. 24-28, link)

“StormCo’s premise is twofold. First, the goal is to establish and build strong and trusting relationships, so the teams return year after year to the same community. Second, the teams go with no “agenda.” Instead of arriving with a predetermined program, they ask town leaders what their needs are and the ways they think StormCo can engage with the community.”

Sharing Health and Hope (Sandra Blackmer, pp. 29-31, link)

“Each school day some 1,200 volunteers provide breakfast to 5,000 children living in areas of greatest need through Sanitarium’s Good Start Breakfast Clubs.”

Facing the Challenge of Abuse in the Church (Carla Baker, pp. 32-39, link to magazine)

“Though the church as a whole seems to find the topic of abuse unpalatable, the fact remains that as many as 25 to 30 percent of members in the North American Division experience some type of abuse in their lifetime.”[1]

[1] R. Drumm, M. Popescu, G. Hopkins, and L. Spady, “Abuse in the Adventist Church?” Adventist Review, Oct. 11, 2007; archives.

Where in the World Is This?

This is actually a reference to an earlier article, “Two Hearts, One Mission” (July 2012).


Here are two more stories from the Adventist Review:

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