Brown: “A ‘Boring’ Way to Change the World”

Nathan’s Brown latest installment of his Engage series is now online–A “Boring” Way to Change the World (Adventist World, July 2014).

Brown says that his monthly donations to ADRA aren’t all that exciting, but as he’s learned more about the organization, he sees that this “boring” form of involvement is important. In June of this year, Brown attended ADRA’s annual meeting. He was excited to have “the opportunity to meet and hear the stories of some 140 ADRA leaders and personnel from across the world.” He continues,

I was in awe of this incredible collection of people drawn from every region of the world, many of them serving in countries other than their homelands. As I talked with them and heard their stories, I discovered problems, issues, and tragedies in the world that I didn’t know existed. But in stark contrast to most news reports, I did so in the context of hearing it from people who are working to alleviate suffering, to work against injustice, and to offer hope and better choices in peoples lives. I was humbled, daunted, and inspired.

You can read the entire article here.

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