Brown: A Life that Matters

Nathan Brown continues his engaging series with a reflection on the life and writings of Ellen White, specifically in relation to the great controversy. Read the entire article here–A Life that Matters (Adventist World, 11 Aug 2014). Excerpts:

For a variety of reasons, I have been reading quite a lot of Ellen White’s writings over the past couple years, and I have been struck repeatedly by the significance she recognized in life here and now. One of her major themes is that this life matters. The choices, priorities, attitudes, actions, and lifestyle we adopt today make a difference for today and forever, for us and for others—and this emphasis continues to be seen particularly in the Adventist church’s expansive health, education, and welfare work around the world.

[At White’s funeral] Daniells used remarkably strong language to summarize her call for action in the world in response to the issues of her day: “Slavery, the caste system, unjust racial prejudices, the oppression of the poor, the neglect of the unfortunate,—these all are set forth as unchristian and a serious menace to the well-being of the human race, and as evils which the church of Christ is appointed by her Lord to overthrow” ([Life Sketches of Ellen G. White], p. 473).

The entire article is available here.

To Brown’s article I add a quote from White that I read recently:

“Our time here is short. We can pass through this world but once; as we pass along, let us make the most of life. The work to which we are called does not require wealth or social position or great ability. It requires a kindly, self-sacrificing spirit and a steadfast purpose” (Ellen White, The Adventist Home, p. 33).

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