Viewpoints #18: Todd Leonard, Pastor and Peace Church Advocate

The Glendale City Church is the first Seventh-day Adventist congregation to complete the Adventist Peace Fellowship certification process to be a “peace church.” I spoke with Todd Leonard, who pastors the congregation, about this process and the significance of the designation.

Here is an excerpt:

AToday: Your congregation recently completed the process of becoming a “peace church” in the Adventist Peace Fellowship network. You were actually the first to be certified. Why do you want your congregation to embrace the values of a peace church? Why are peace and justice important to you in your congregational ministry?

Leonard: I really feel that bringing peace into communities, bringing peace into our world seems to be at the heart of the gospel. From what I read in the prophets, from looking at what Jesus did during his ministry and then carried on in the early church, there appears to be this work to include more people in the goodness of God, in the blessings of God. And our job is to make sure that every chance we get we bring good news in very tangible ways into the lives of people so they are not excluded from all that God wants for them to have and to experience.

Read the entire interview here. And find links to previous conversations in the series here.

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