Viewpoints #19: Kevin Kuehmichel, Pastor Committed to Community Service

Pastor Kevin Kuehmichel is the founding pastor of Walk of Faith Fellowship in Cleveland, Ohio. After 17 years there, he recently accepted a new pastoral position in California. In the latest installment of the Viewpoints Interview Series, I asked Kevin about starting this church plant and the role community service played in the congregation’s ministry.


AToday: What would you like to say to pastors or laypeople who are interested in pursuing community service ministry like this?

Kuehmichel: I’m learning right now with this change of venue how difficult it is to do this kind of work in traditional churches. I have already tried to move them to this and have received a lot of push-back because of the comfort issue. I’m moving them out of their comfort zone. When they interviewed me, I told them I was going to be out of the box. They were excited, but I don’t think they really understood what this meant. I have made a number of people very uncomfortable.

And what I did in Cleveland with Walk of Faith is not totally reproducible in other areas. You have to find your niche in your context. We found a need, and we tried to figure out the best way to meet that need. Some of the things I did in Cleveland are not going to relate to the people in the community where I am now. The basic concepts will—caring about people, finding a place to serve them—but you have to find out what the needs are.

You can read the complete interview here. And you can access the other interviews in the series here.

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