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Brown: A Life that Matters

Nathan Brown continues his engaging series with a reflection on the life and writings of Ellen White, specifically in relation to the great controversy. Read the entire article here–A Life that Matters (Adventist World, 11 Aug 2014). Excerpts: For a … Continue reading

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Temperance and Prohibition (Three Sources)

Earlier I wrote about Thomas Pegram when commenting on the temperance movement–U.S. Temperance Movement. I encountered Pegram when he was a guest historian on the television show Who Do You Think You Are? (Kelly Clarkson’s episode). This was an important … Continue reading

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Carl Wilkens: I’m Not Leaving

I’ve written previously about Carl Wilkens, the only American to stay in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide: Adventist Today interview AU Summit on Social Consciousness God’s Compassion through and for Humanity Today I finally read his book, I’m Not Leaving … Continue reading

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Brown: We are Conscientious Objectors

In his latest article in the “Engage” series for Adventist World, Nathan Brown considers the Adventist movement’s historic support for conscientious objection (CO) and the significance of this stance today–“We are Conscientious Objectors” (Adv World, APF).

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John Weidner, Part 2 [updated]

I’ve written previously about John Weidner and the Dutch-Paris (link). To learn more about him, I got three books recommended by Megan Koreman: (1) The Altruistic Personality: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi Europe (Samuel & Pearl Oliner, 1988). After skimming … Continue reading

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Wet, Cold, Tired & Hungry

In the last 24 hours I’ve read three different sections from books that are somewhat related. This might not be my best or most organized post, but I’m going to try to bring the elements together in a way that … Continue reading

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Pray and Fast for Peace

I’ve been re-reading Doug Morgan’s book, Adventism and the American Republic: The Public Involvement of a Major Apocalyptic Movement (2001). It really should be near the top of the reading list for every “Adventist Activist.” In chapter 2, “An Activist … Continue reading

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