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–Aguilar, Charles Ed II: Terrace SDA Church: Community Service

–Bell, Ryan: PICO and Economic Reform

–Bissell, Bryan: Economic Justice

–Bonello, Sam: Guilt-free Clothing

–Carlson, Jeff:

–Cheatham, Crystal:

–Clark, Andrew: Ordination

–Emming, Christine:

–Eusoya, Ryan: The Kingdom of God is Near

–Gerard, Andrew:

–Hamstra, David: Review: Adventist Women + Equality = Unity

–Hashimoto, Giovanni: We Are 99%

–Infante, Maria:

–Karlman, Bjorn: How to fight the sex trade in Bangkok

–Lee, Celeste Wyatt: Report: The Justice Conference (2013), Part 1

–Magana, Victor: Interfaith Social Justice Panel Hosted by SDA Group

–Martin, Krystalynn:

–Maynard-Reid, Pedrito: Third Annual Peacemaking Weekend at Walla Walla University

–Morgan, Doug:

–Muthersbaugh, Emily: Second Annual Peacemaking Weekend at WWU

–Nelson-Blake, Geoffrey: Divesting from Wells Fargo

–Pallipamula, Suranjeen Prasad:

–Sahlin, Monte: Training: Community Organizing

–Schnabel, Landon:

–Smith, Jomo: Becoming Black

–Smith, Shantel: The Stoplight Project–Chiang Mai

–Torres, Marcos: Adventism and Activism

–Wendy: The Stuff of Simplicity

–Wright, Jared: Ordained/Commissioned SDA Ministers as Conference Presidents

–Boyd, Jeff (Editor):

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