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Forgiveness in Real Time

While this isn’t social or political activism per se, this story of forgiveness is moving. This spirit is central for Christian peacemakers. Lani Brereton was in a car accident recently, and while she was still in a coma, her family … Continue reading

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Adventist Peacemakers

In chapter 5 of The Promise of Peace, Charles Scriven addresses peacemaking. In these few short pages, Scriven covers a lot of ground–biblical material, early church history, and how Adventists have interacted with both war and injustice. It’s an important … Continue reading

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Adventist Articles of Interest

A few more posts that caught my attention: 1) Pastor Jeff Gang advocating with CARE to support women in development (The Suburban Pastor, 11 Mar 2011). 2) Living on “Living Wage” (Trish Tickle, Adv Today, 16 Mar 2011) So how … Continue reading

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Adv Today: A Just Forgiveness

My review of A Just Forgiveness is now up at Adventist Today. Here’s the first paragraph: Aquinas and Augustine developed the philosophical foundation for just war.[i] Glen Stassen promoted just peacemaking.[ii] Gerald Schlabach argued for just policing.[iii] Now, Everett Worthington … Continue reading

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