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Viewpoints: Idel Suarez Jr, Reform Movement President

I interviewed Pastor Idel Suarez Jr for the Viewpoints interview series at Adventist Today (old site, new site). Suarez is the president of one branch of the Adventist Reform Movement that started in Europe during World War I. I met … Continue reading

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NEWS: Ukraine, Reform Movement, and Forest Fires

What is ADRA doing in the Ukraine? (ADRA Canada, 29 July 2014; link) ADRA is supporting people displaced by fighting from the eastern part of Ukraine. This assistance includes hygiene kits, clothes, socks and underwear, disposable tableware, towels, and napkins. … Continue reading

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White: Civil Disobedience and Subordination

The Christian’s duty to the state has been a significant issue since the time of Jesus. Are we to obey every law and statute? Are there circumstances when a higher standard means Christians can and should act in ways contrary … Continue reading

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Adventist Peacemakers

In chapter 5 of The Promise of Peace, Charles Scriven addresses peacemaking. In these few short pages, Scriven covers a lot of ground–biblical material, early church history, and how Adventists have interacted with both war and injustice. It’s an important … Continue reading

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Spectrum: Daniel Peverini on Guns

Daniel Peverini has posted two articles at Spectrum on the issues of guns and nonviolence. Bonhoeffer, AR-15s, and Adventist Ethics—Part I (8 Feb 2013) Every ethic must undoubtedly have a context. This is first of all a Christian ethic. But … Continue reading

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Part 1 – Love and Service

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Matthew 5:48 I had been planning a blog post describing love as the motivation for our social action, but it wasn’t until I recently began reading Gandhi & Jesus (Rynne, 2008) … Continue reading

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Recent Readings

Barry Bussey’s Critical Question (Doug Morgan, Spectrum, 29 Sept 2012) On closer reading, it struck me that Bussey, with calm resolve, is pressing us toward the critical question that underlies all the others: Is our loyalty with the Messiah and … Continue reading

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