1. What do I need to do right now–work, rest, read, write, connect, come away, listen, share, learn, teach, meditate?
  2. Who needs me?
  3. How can I best serve them?
  4. Who do I need?
  5. How can I let them know what I need without being demanding?
  6. What is God whispering to me?
  7. What is God nudging me to pray about?
  8. What has God taught me recently?
  9. What might God be trying to teach me now?
  10. What am I living and working for–God, results, recognition, others, the Kingdom, satisfaction, a legacy?
  11. What do I believe really makes the world a better place?
  12. What do I need to trust God to do for me and for others?
  13. What do I need to trust God to help me do?
  14. How fully do I trust God today?
  15. What am I afraid of?
  16. What is God up to today?
  17. Which relationships most need TLC today?
  18. How wisely am I spending and investing (money, energy, time, etc.)?
  19. How long has it been since I rested in solitude?
  20. Where and when do I sense God’s presence the most? The least?
  21. Right now am I bordering on burnout or laziness?
  22. That thing that’s bothering me; have I talked with God about it today?
  23. How do I know when I’m reaching my upper stress level?
  24. What can boost my creativity for this project?
  25. Do I remember I’m loved by God and by others even when I’m not brilliant or successful?

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