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Viewpoints: Idel Suarez Jr, Reform Movement President

I interviewed Pastor Idel Suarez Jr for the Viewpoints interview series at Adventist Today (old site, new site). Suarez is the president of one branch of the Adventist Reform Movement that started in Europe during World War I. I met … Continue reading

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NEWS: Ukraine, Reform Movement, and Forest Fires

What is ADRA doing in the Ukraine? (ADRA Canada, 29 July 2014; link) ADRA is supporting people displaced by fighting from the eastern part of Ukraine. This assistance includes hygiene kits, clothes, socks and underwear, disposable tableware, towels, and napkins. … Continue reading

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Brown: We are Conscientious Objectors

In his latest article in the “Engage” series for Adventist World, Nathan Brown considers the Adventist movement’s historic support for conscientious objection (CO) and the significance of this stance today–“We are Conscientious Objectors” (Adv World, APF).

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Lewis C. Sheafe: Apostle to Black America

When I received the following message from Doug Morgan, I asked to post it on our blog since Sheafe was dedicated to social issues rather than a stripped-down version of the gospel: I’m pleased to announce publication of my new … Continue reading

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